Welcome words


Daniel Kratkovski – President MEP Lithuania 2013

While presently occupied by the challenging process of application to universities, next winter I will be occupied by fascinating process of reminding you to follow protocole and finish your speeches in time. Despite this, I will be kind most of the time, whilst guiding you through the streets of Vilnius and revealing what makes Lithuania so admirably unique.

My journey at MEP began almost two years ago, when I, a wanna-be member of European Parliament, represented Slovenia in the regional session in Lithuania. And from the very start of that session, I felt that there was ‘something’ in the air. MEP and I belonged together, and not only because I could pretend I am interested in politics whilst chatting to female delegates.

But it took me more sessions to comprehend the full potential MEP has. I had a privilege to represent Lithuania in the international MEP session in Slovenia, where my committee successfully advocated for an increase in development aid. Later that year, in Madrid, I had the hounour to be the Vice-President of the General Assembly, chairing both the committee and the General Assembly.
Not only have these experiences introduced a whole new perspective to my thinking, but also unveiled the true power informal education possesses.

MEP is more than project or extracurricular activity, it is a journey. A journey I invite you to undertake – you have my word, it is going to be U-N-F-O-R-G-E-T-T-A-B-L-E


Aušrinė Diržinskaitė – Vice President MEP Lithuania 2013
At this particular moment I am about to enter the next stage of my life by graduating from school and beginning to study at the university. But this is not the only achievement I have recently had. After representing Lithuania in the international MEP session in Norwich this spring I have had a promotion to the post of the Vice-President of General Assembly and will have an exceptional opportunity to participate in a firsthand session in the position of the presidency.

For me MEP is more than just a project. A year and a half of participation there brought true friends to my life, made me realise what goals are mine and most importantly helped me understand who I actually am. I call MEP my very -extended-family and am sincerely happy to now welcome you as my nearest and dearest.

I make a promise to give my attention to you, to feed when you are hungry and to hug when you are cold but most importantly I pass my word – a LEGENDARY week is waiting for you in the international MEP session in Vilnius this autumn.


IMG_4603IMG_4527Justas Žemgulys – Vice President MEP Lithuania 2013

My current aim is to obtain a joint honours degree in Scotland. But the international nature of my studies cannot change my true nationality. I was born and raised in Lithuania. And as a citizen of this wonderful country, I am very proud to be among the hosts of this international session of the Model European Parliament.

My initial interest in politics was sparked by debating. Through debating, I have participated in numerous international events. Among them I could name my discovery of the Model European Parliament. Having participated in a number of local simulations, I was eventually elected to be one of Lithuania’s representatives in the Slovenian MEP 2012. After a studious week in this welcoming country, my committee ended up determining the future of the Balkan states in the EU with a rather successful resolution. Soon afterwards, I was invited to return as the President in the spring 2013 MEP in Norwich, again representing the Foreign Affairs Committee.

I am glad that projects such as the Model European Parliament allow different countries and their future leaders to make certain connections decades in advance. And I‘m even more excited that the opportunity to do so has arisen in Lithuania. As this country‘s representative and your president-to-be, I truly look forward to our future acquaintance and co-operation.