Useful recommendations @ Lithuania

Useful recommendations @ Lithuania

Made by intern Enrico, who worked at MEP during 2013 summer

1)      Think in litas. If you think in euros/crowns/latas/dollars, everything could sound cheap, and you could be encouraged to buy lots of things. But after that you would find yourself penniless.

2)      Learn some basic words and sentences in Lithuanian language. Lithuanian people are aware how difficult their language could be for foreigners, so they appreciate when someone from abroad try to speak lithuanian.

3)      Wear clean socks. In Lithuania, when people get into private houses, they are supposed to take off their shoes.

4)      When you greet someone who is not an acquaintance of yours, don’t try to kiss or hug him/her. A handshake is enough.

5)      In bars and restaurants, if you’re not taking something to go and if the check is beyond ten litas, it is considered normal to leave a tip of around 10% of the bill.

6)      If you wanna watch movies, better go to the cinema and avoid the television, because on TV the movies are all dubbed in Lithuanian, while in the cinemas they are in original language with just Lithuanian subtitles.

7)      Enjoy the green areas. Lithuanians are really respectful of nature and they put great care on gardens and parks.

8)      If you need someone to speak English, talk with younger people.

9)      Learn some Lithuanian history. Lithuanians could be very sensitive about it, and it could help you avoid uncomfortable/unpleasing topics.

10)  Try Lithuanian dishes. Although in Lithuania there are many ethnic food outlets (American fast-foods, Japanese woks, Turkish kebab, chinese, italian, german, mexican, Ukrainian restaurants, french cafès), it is difficult to have the chance to eat proper Lithuanian food outside the country, and the quality could be questionable. Besides, you could find it quite tasty.