Training course for volunteers

Training course for volunteers

On July 17-19 preparations for the international session of the Model European Parliament to be held in Vilnius later this year were conducted in the district of Alytus. Instead of the usual conference sessions, the young participants of MEP opted for the more inspiring countryside of Dzūkija.

Before the meeting in Makniūnai the young politicians were assigned to three different groups: logistics, communication and event organisation. Lecturers from all over Lithuania consulted and prepared the volunteers for the organisational matters of the international session. These young people also had to complete many practical tasks related to their group topics. On other days quite a bit of time was allocated to interaction with local media: there were meetings with the representatives of the press, radio and TV stations of Alytus. These meetings were held to discuss questions relating to matters of media coverage and efficient communication in the international session.

From November 30 to December 7 MEP representatives of EU member states and candidate countries will attempt to alleviate political and economic problems prevalent in the Union by preparing resolutions which are later going to be passed on to the real European Parliament.

The Model European Parliament has already been introducing young minds in Lithuania to politics for a decade. Once the preparations for the international event are complete, Makniūnai will also host a reunion of current activists and alumni of the MEP in celebration of the project’s 10 year anniversary.

Preparations for the international session of the MEP were financed by the European programme “Youth in Action” in accordance to the project “Youth Decide for Europe”.

Reported by Teodoras Žukas, Daniel Kratkovski