Preparation is going on!

Preparation is going on!

In November 30th – December 7th an international session of Model European Parliament will bring together 150 youngsters to the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

With just a little more than a month remaining until the start of the session intensive preparations are taking place. More than 40 volunteers from the national MEP network are working in the fields of logistics, communication and event organising so that the preparation process would go smoothly and the high quality standard common for MEP events would be ensured.

The group working with logistics has the task of finding the families who would provide accomodation for our delegates.

The communication strives for the event to be visible on the major television and radio channels as well as social networks. They also cooperate with top-notch state officers making arrangements for their participation in the event.

And finally, the event organising group coordinates the schedule of the whole event, organises the opening and closing ceremonies, cultural nights to wind down after intensive work.

Made by Teodoras Žukas, coordinator of communication at MEP13LT