Interview with intern Enrico who worked @ MEP

Interview with intern Enrico who worked @ MEP

Made by international MEP session volunteer Monika Nedzinskaitė

Interview with Enrico, who did internship @ House of Europe during the summer 2013

Enrico, have you visited Lithuania before? What was the motivation for you to come to our country?
I had never been to Lithuania before this summer, nor I had been in any of its neighboring countries. During my all life before coming here I had only met one Lithuanian person.
In Italy to gain more chances to find a job, I needed more working experiences: luckily, there was an opening in the Lifelong learning program (LLP). It is a cultural exchange program that gives to the youth a chance to have an experience of working abroad. Lithuania was one of the possible destinations. I read that Lithuania is a fast-developing country with a very young population and youth oriented life, and I was intrigued by both of these characteristics. I arrived in Lithuania at the beginning of the summer. Vilnius hit my imagination since it is a very clean city, and the people are quite available if you need help. And, in the beginning, I needed lots of it!

What kind of internship do you have in Lithuania? What are yoru activities here?
Since in Italy I majored in International Relations and European Studies (under politics) in university, the hosting organisation found that my background was suitable for taking a part in the Model European Parliament, MEP, which is coordinated by House of Europe. 

How are you connected with MEP?
Now, MEP is focused on the big event that will take place at the beginning of December, the International session of MEP in Vilnius. A number of teenage volunteers will assist to the students who will gather here from all around the Europe. My first task was to help in the training of these volunteers. During training, I have learned a lot about team-building activities, and, since I was the only foreigner involved, it was a challenge to my integration skills in a foreign environment. Then, I had to host some videos about curious landmarks of Vilnius and this gave me an opportunity to study more about Lithuanian and Vilnius history. I also cooperated to the creation of a document who will be distributed to all the participants of MEP international session. I created a list of ten recommendations for foreigners coming to Lithuania and the translations in all the 24 languages of the EU of some useful phrases and sentences. Thanks to this, I ventured into some languages I had never figured I would have been involved with.

How strong Lithuanian MEP community looks like from your point of view?
I was warmly welcomed by all members of MEP organization team. I found them really supportive of me, and enthusiastic of having me on board. They looked very dedicated to MEP, even if they have other duties in their own lifes. When I met the volunteers, I was welcomed by them too. They made me feel part of their reality, and, although I am of a very different age and from a very different country, I have never felt put aside. I realized that MEP is an experience that influences his participants heavily, and creates a strong bond among them. This is proven by the former MEP activities participants, who are still involved.

Enthusiasm that MEP team in Lithuania put in the European integration should be an example for the youth all across the continent.

We will miss Enrico, who did a great job during the summer 2013!  Lots of thanks, Enrico!!!