Best wishes for our fellow delegates!

Best wishes for our fellow delegates!

There are only 10 days remaining until the MEP international session in Vilnius starts. The volunteers who put a great deal of effort in order to bring the best of experiences for the delegates when they all gather in Vilnius send their best wishes and share their prognosis for the session.

„I wish everyone coming to Vilnius a wide set of experience: learn about our lovely country, our way of life, meet new people, share knowledge on various topics and make this week unforgetable!“ –wishes volunteer Morta Kazlauskaitė

Another volunteer Donatas Priglauskas says „Lithuania is a great country to visit. We are all waiting for you and wishing that you will find our country breathtakinkg!!! Сan’t wait to see you guys!”

„I wish everyone participating a great and productive mood, unique experiences and a comfortable parliamentary chair!“ – wishes a member of events organising group Ieva Pikaitė

Sergej Pašuk shares his insights as well – “Albeit Lithuania is a cold climate wise country, MEP international session will make it extra hot!”

“I wish that this week, although it will be short, would stay for long in the memories of the delegates” –Julija Sabaliauskaitė, member of the communications group

Gabriella Maria Forgeron – „I wish for everyone participating in the session to enjoy every moment of it, so that later, when you will have to leave, you’d leave not with one suitcase, but with two, filled with smiles, new friends, photographs, fresh experiences and unforgettable adventures!”

„I sincerely welcome everyone to the country presiding to the European Union – Lithuania and its lovely capital Vilnius! I hope the delegates will learn not only about politics, public speaking and such but also will experience firsthand the rich Lithuanian culture and witness the rapid progress of the eastern side of Europe. Meet, see, experience and come home with the very best of memories!“ -wishes volunteer Emilis Remeikis
Made by Teodoras Žukas & Justas Zaborovskis, MEP volunteers