After the significant week in Vilnius

After the significant week in Vilnius

Model European Parliament (MEP) is a project during which the participants work according to the agenda identical to the European Parliament. The committee meetings, the modeling of resolutions and general assemblies are held during the session. This project runs since 1989 and started the activity in Lithuania in 2003.

From 30th November till 7th of December more than 200 young people from all over Europe met to simulate European Parliament work in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The participants of the session were glad to have an opportunity to discover Lithuania as a hospitable country. More precisely during the two months period the project organizers managed to provide “a second home for a week” for 150 session representatives. “A second home for a week” is an unwritten MEP international session’s tradition which seeks to introduce the customs, culture and a life style of a country, in which the international session is held, by giving the place to live for abroad students.

The initiator of this youth activity established 39 years ago – Anna van Sminia Meijerik came to this year event to have a conversation about European political situation. “During the lessons or lectures about Europe the majority of class used to get bored. Hence, that was the reason of the born desire to establish something new and interesting for the youth. Therefore, Model European Parliament is the great opportunity for the adolescence not only to hear, but also to experience what is European Parliament”- said Anna van Sminia Meijerik.

Celebrating ten years in Lithuania anniversary MEP invited participants from the whole Europe and also MEP Lithuanian Network members to the Gathering event. The celebratory event created many memorable moments. One of the organizers from Lithuanian MEP Network Roberta Burinskaite claims: “There were many times when I had to lead Lithuanian delegates to the MEP gatherings in different European countries. There during the first evening all of the representatives introduced their cultures and traditions. However, I had never seen the phenomenon, which I saw during this session held in Vilnius. The hundreds of participants stood up from their places and started to dance along the one country’s folk music. The blissful dance could have been seen only here, in Vilnius.”

The international MEP session was added in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania schedule as an additional event related to the Lithuanian Presidency of the European Union Council. The Opening Ceremony of the event and the General Assembly were held in the  historical The Act of the March of 11 Hall in the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.


Made by Teodoras Žukas, Simas Staniulis & Daiva Buivydaitė