After MEP International session Norwich 2013

After MEP International session Norwich 2013

Lots of brilliant young people from all across Europe exchanged weekly lessons for a lesson they don’t learn in school – an International event that is best described as a simulation of the European Parliament.

More than 150 pupils gathered to address the future of the European Union on April 7-14th at the 38th international session of the Model European Parliament (MEP) in the United Kingdom (Norwich City). Lithuania was represented by six bold high school students from different Lithuanian cities. The Lithuanian delegation was composed of five representatives – Jonas Farhat (Klaipėda Ąžuolynas gymnasium), Emilia Kieraitė (Kaunas Jesuit Gymnasium), Morta Kazlauskaitė (Vilnius Žirmūnų gymnasium), Ieva Martinkutė (Šiauliai Daukantas Gymnasium) and Aušrinė Diržinskaitė (Šiauliai Romuva Gymnasium). This wondrous delegation experienced the work of Parliament officials first-hand, working on the issues of the EU’s foreign policy, single health care system, modernisation of higher education, assistance to third world countries, etc. The Lithuanian delegates actively participated in discussions and were appointed as rapporteurs tasked with presenting their respective resolutions.

Another representative of Lithuania – Justas Žemgulys (Klaipeda Ąžuolynas Gymnasium) – had the honour of being an esteemed Vice-President. As such he had the responsibility of supervising one of ten work groups (Committees) and also mediating the proceedings of the General Assembly. This was the Lithuanian’s second international session after a successful debut in his first International MEP session in Slovenia, after which he was invited to be a Committee President.

All of the session’s participants were accommodated by Wymondham College, Norwich City. Throughout the week spent in England the delegates visited the nation’s capital, Westminster, Norwich Castle and Cambridge University, where they had the opportunity to meet and speak with local politicians, experts in the fields the Committees were focusing on, as well as other distinguished and knowledgeable individuals.

“Every day we work in a multicultural environment, communicating with all sorts of people as though we were old chums. It’s a really special feeling – as a participant, I’ve been led to believe that anything is possible. I shall no doubt miss my newfound soulmates. “- shared her impressions Morta Kazlauskaitė.

The Lithuanian delegation, having performed brilliantly in this international session, is looking forward to another international session of the MEP – which will be organized while Lithuanian representatives shall be undertaking presidency in the real EU Council and the MEP project will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in Lithuania – later this year, in the first week of December in Vilnius.

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